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30.08.2016 00:14

Good evening Mr and Mrs

I'm Mrs. Ligita Astrauskaite. I'm German, my ability to pay is up to 1,000 € 000 per individual. Given the many scams that exist today in the loan between particular, I inform you that a lot of precautions have been taken to ensure and guarantee the people who make loan applications.

My interest rate is unique and it is not negotiable, fixed at 2% of the total value requested. I also ask you to pay close attention to deals from Africa (Ivory Coast, Benin and others ...), because almost everyone with whom I come into contact have been the victim of scams arnaque.Ces so have grown so much that even the TV channels speak (M6, and other African chain) My offer is serious, you might realize through the procedure which is the legal procedure loan granting between particulier.De thanks I would like to be contacted by serious people, being able to repay the loans. Repayments begin 3 months after the fund be viré.Si you are interested, then please contact me on my email is:

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